Why Does Husky Attack Small Dogs: 9 Reasons and What To Do

This is a question that has been on my mind for quite some time now.

The answer might seem obvious, but I have noticed many people ask why their husky attacks small dogs? 

Possible reasons include the dog's prey drive especially huskies excitement of hunting-related behavior is high.

If it hasn’t had much exposure to other animals or humans in its lifetime; though this isn't always true as there could be another underlying cause behind these behaviors!

Training your Husky is the best way to save from the attacks of small animals. Look at your dog's behavior and give sometimes mental stimulation-related training.

You should try to identify the situation when your Husky attacks and work on their behavior training.

This blog post will discuss why Huskies attack small dogs and how to stop them from doing so.

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9 Reasons Why Does Husky Attack Small Dogs

1. The husky breed has a strong prey drive

Huskies are used to hunting their prey small dogs and rabbits.

They have a strong instinctive drive, which is why it makes them attack smaller animals around the home.

This strong prey drive means they will try to attack small dogs and it won't matter how loyal the canine is. They will attack and they may even try to eat the dog.

One of the reasons this happens is because they see these other pets as food sources or potential food sources for themselves.

This often does not happen with the intention of harming or injuring them, but it can be dangerous for small dogs because they are perceived as prey by these big breed dogs.

There is no reason to worry about this issue if you have a husky and another pet. It's not their fault; it is something that has been bred into them, so it is not much you can do.

Just be aware of the issue if your pet husky has been around a smaller dog, especially one that is acting in an aggressive manner towards them or their owner.

2. Huskies need to be socialized with other dogs frequently

I recently read a study that suggested dogs that have few or no opportunities to interact with other dogs are more likely to attack other dogs.

They came to the conclusion that this may be due to wolves' socialized behavior. 

Huskies need to be trained and socialized with other animals from an early age so they can get used to them.

Huskies need to be socialized with other dogs frequently and small dogs can be a good choice for them.

Huskies and other dogs usually get along well when they grow up together in the same household since puppyhood.

Husky is known as a cool-headed breed, so their interaction with other pets should not be aggressive unless it has something to do with food or space issues.

Husky attack on small dogs happens when the husky is not socialized with other dogs because it can cause them to become territorial and protective.

Huskies should be supervised around small dogs like you have puppies since they might prey on them if given the chance.

Husky has a high energy level; therefore you must make sure that your pet gets enough exercise every day if you want Husky to be a good companion.

They fight other dogs. This isn't always a big deal, because dogs fight other humans instead. But Huskies don't fight humans, and when they're in a fight, they like to win. So Huskies need to be socialized with other dogs often. ​

That socialization can be done in a number of ways. They can be socialized with other dogs.

3. Your husky is not well trained (behavior training)

Husky can be very dangerous for small dogs if it doesn't have good behavior training.

They are big dogs with strong jaws, sharp teeth so they can easily kill the small one during playing time or the aggressive moment when another dog attacks them from behind without any reason.

You can call them a dominant breed of dog and you should know about this before getting a pet for yourself.

If you do not train your dog then it is the reason for its bad behavior.

You husky could be energetic and intelligent but you have to teach them how to control their power otherwise they will be showing aggression towards other animals.

You can see that husky often pulls you or does not obey any of your commands, so this situation also leads to aggressive behavior because your husky does not respect you.

You need to give a lot of exercises every day, otherwise, your dogs will start destruction around the house or escape from their kennel.

Huskies like to run and play around the house, that’s why you should always take them for a walk or do some exercises with your pet every day because the husky does not get enough exercise when it is in the yard alone.

The husky dog needs more training if you want them to stay calm and quiet during the walk or playtime with other dogs on your street, in a park, etc.

Your dog should learn some obedience commands like "Come" / "Sit" so every time when he gives attention to a small dog then you can call him back and he is going to obey your command.

Training any breed of dog is a process that can be very long and difficult, but if you have enough patience then it will pay off.

I believe that Huskies are intelligent dogs that love to learn new tricks so they want to please their owner all the time.

When training any breed of your dog, there are two ways:

  1. positive reinforcement

  2. negative reinforcement.

The positive reinforcement method should always be used during training sessions because the husky breed does not like when its owner shows some negativity toward them.

So, you should use only the positive reinforcement method while training your pet.

I hope you got the point of why husky attacks small dogs.

Huskies are not dangerous dogs for people but they can be very dangerous if they have bad behavior training, especially with other dogs on your street or park, etc.

4. There's a chance that Husky is hungry at those times.

It is no wonder that people worry that their dogs will get in a fight with a husky while they are alone.

But dogs don't like to fight, especially not when they are hungry. And a hungry dog rarely attacks. 

But a hungry dog will attack small dogs.

Here's the thing. Huskies are large, powerful dogs. They are ambush predators, which means that they stalk their prey, not chase it.

They like to surprise their prey, then catch it by surprise. 

Your dog might attack small dogs without any warning when it's hungry.

So a hungry husky will chase small dogs. It will chase them even though the dog might try to run away first.

Or maybe the dog will attack the husky first, and the chase will be mutual.

Maybe both will happen.

You can identify it easily because of the period of time.

When your husky attacks a small dog in the near time of its meal then you can easily solve the problem.

Just call him and feed little bit earlier so, it can prevent him from attacking other small dogs next time.

Sometimes it can continue several times then you need to consider separating your husky from small dogs.

5. The smaller dog could have chased after the husky, which can be seen as an act of aggression.

6. Sometimes when two animals meet for the first time, one will chase and attack while another will run away; this is called "play" behavior and should not be mistaken for aggression 

Dogs like to chase things that move quickly which explains why some small dogs would want to play with other animals even if they know it could lead to trouble (e.g., chasing cats). It's important that owners teach their pets how dangerous this behavior can be before something bad happens!

7. The Husky is protecting its territory from a smaller intruder

8. Smaller dogs sometimes make fun of them which makes them angry and want to retaliate against them (especially if there is more than 1 little dog making fun of them) 

What to do if your Does Husky Attack Small Dogs

1. Train your Husky with obedience commands. (here talk about how you can control him with some commands then it can lead him to learn not to attack the small dogs. "leave it command")

  • Give train method for approaching small dog to Husky (first give how to prepare to get along with small dogs and how to train them) "Two things"

You should train your pup so they know not to chase small animals when you're not around.

2. Keep your small dogs away from your Husky

3. Final tips your can wear muzzle (please concern to wear only if they trying to attack the small dogs because it can train them to learn if they attack the puppy they will be punished. Don't let the muzzle long time because as I love my dog and I don't want him to make feel uncomfortable but you can use it for train or when you go for a walk your can wear sometimes in order to prevent to attack other small dogs on the street otherwise you need to run behind them until you come back to your home. (Just joke)

4. Brake the attention of your husky (give something or favorite to change the attention from the small dogs.

5. Make your dogs to understand that you treat them equally. (if you are a dog owner want to take care small dogs and husky in the same house the the best way to treat them equally. If you think that your small dogs needs more training and care then do it without showing to your husky.

6. Try to understand your husky's level of anxiety

7. Don't punish your husky severely (I mean here don't punish it hard or don't act over them rude but train them through your punishment. For me, it is not the best way to train but you can try it for a while if you have no choice.

8. The best way to prevent this from happening is by socializing your dog with other animals, including smaller ones

9. The most effective way of stopping an animal from attacking someone is through noise-making devices such as whistles or horns 

10. Try to separate them (If you see this happening in public, try separating both dogs before things escalate too far )

11. Never leave an unattended pet outside where they could come into contact with a husky without supervision

12. If you must take your dog outside, keep it on a leash or in an enclosed area to prevent them from running into the street

Tips: One key point of advice if you're ever confronted by an aggressive dog or animal - stay calm, don't run away, and do what they want! If all else fails, try throwing something at them like a stick or rock until they get bored and go away 

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